The second edition of the Fitzwilliam Cup, a competition for boys and girls under 17, was held during December 1 & 2 at the Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club of Dublin. The teams which participated were the I.Cesky LTK of Prague, the Kungliga LTK of Stockholm, the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona-1899, and the Fitzwilliam LTC, as organizer of the event.
In the semi-finals, Fitzwilliam LTC defeated Kungliga LTK by 6-0, while I.Cesky LTK beat RCT Barcelona-1899 by 4-2.
In the play for the 3rd and 4th places, the RCT Barcelona-1899 defeated Kungliga LTK with a score of 5-1.
The grand final was played on Saturday the 2nd of December, between the I.Cesky LTK and the host club, Fitzwilliam LTC, with the Czech team coming out as victorious by the difference in the number of games won, each team having won 3 matches.
We should make mention here of the magnificent organization carried out by the Irish club and the ambiance of camaraderie between the youngsters of the four participating teams, as well as the very high level of tennis. Our sincere thanks to the Fitzwilliam LTC for the effort realized in the organization of the second edition of the Fitzwilliam Cup