During the last week of the month of August 2007, a competition was organized between the founding clubs of the Centenary Tennis Clubs Association. Participating clubs included the T.C. Geneve (Switzerland), T.C. Milano A.Bonacossa (Italy), LTTC RotWeiss Berlin (Germany), Kungliga LTK (Sweden), Royal Leopold Club (Belgium), Cumberland L.T.C. (United Kingdom) and two teams from the RCTB-1899, due to the absence of the Racing Club de France.

The competition was played in qualifying rounds. The winner was the Tennis Club of Geneva, which defeated the first team of the RCT Barcelona-1899 in the final by 5/1.

During the official dinner, which was held on the Saturday, the presidents of the participating clubs expressed their appreciation for the warm welcome and organization.

Finally, on Sunday medals and trophies were presented on Court 1.

There are plans to hold this type of encounter between the founding clubs of the CTC every three or four years in order to maintain the camaraderie and friendship among the clubs and participating players.