The 3rd Fitzwilliam Cup, a team competition for boys and girls under 17, was held during 26th and 27th October at the CLTK Prague. Originally four teams should participate but unfortunately the team from Villa Primrose could not arrive to Prague because their Air France flight from Paris to Prague was cancelled due to the strike of Air France.

I.CLTK formed the second team which played against Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club in the semifnal. It was agreed that Fitzwilliam LTC will get into the final regardless the result of this match because results of second team of I.CLTK will not be counted to official results of the Cup. Fitzwilliam LTC lost to second team of I.CLTK by difference of number of games won becvause each team having won 3 games and 6 sets.

Kungliga LTK played against first tem of I.CLTK in the semi-final and they lost to them 2-4.

The grand final was played between I.CLTK and Fitzwilliam LTC with hosting team becoming the winner with score 5-1 and winning Fitzwilliam Cup second time in the raw.

The Kungliga LTK took the third place.

We should mention nice and friendly atmosphere of this tournament as well as high level of the tennis. During the official dinner the Board member of I.CLTK and member of CTC Committee of Management Mr. Petr Simunek expressed thanks on behalf of hosting club to both visiting teams and promised I.CLTK support to this event in the future.

The 3rd Fitzwilliam Cup was ended by Prague sightseeing tour for both hosting teams on Sunday.