From 02 to 04 September 2022, the LTTC RW Berlin hosted the CTC Seniors tournament.

Although a planned competition between 4 teams from four countries eventually turned into a tournament between two clubs, the weekend was a great success.

Under the motto «The Best are here» the Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club from Dublin played against the hosts from Berlin in bright sunshine and above all with lots of fun.

The actual outcome of the tournament took a back seat – Berlin won – much more important was the harmony between the players, whether on the court – the guests also gladly accepted the offer to play on the grass courts – or at the party on Saturday on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the LTTC Rot-Weiß.

In keeping with the CTC’s intention to establish contacts and friendships through tennis, all participants experienced a harmonious, unforgettable weekend.

The focus was on having fun playing and celebrating, and since the weather gods played along, the weekend came to a perfect end on Sunday afternoon in the lake right next to the tennis club. Berlin agrees with the Irish comment: «best tournament ever» and we are looking forward to seeing you again.