On the first weekend of September in 23 degrees Celsius, Fitzwilliam LTC hosted a CTC event, with exceptional weather and the beginning of some great friendships. RCTB 1899 arrived on the Friday evening for a hit on the clay courts prior to dinner, from the outset we knew they meant business. The three teams met on the Club terrace overlooking the courts for some dinner and drinks, chatting all things tennis, and looking forward to Saturday’s play. An early night with an early start the following morning.

TC Geneve arrived first on Saturday morning to get their feel for the courts, with Fitzwilliam & RCTB1899  following suit, ready for play. We started the day with singles and the first round of matches was TC Geneve vs RCTB1899 , with RCTB1899  leading after the first round. Fitzwilliam then played TC Geneve, with the home team coming out on top. Fitzwilliam now matched RCTB on points at the break for lunch.

After a nice break in the sun, Fitzwilliam and RCTB1899  took to the courts for the last round of singles, it was agreed that doubles would follow and the team with the most points overall would take home the weekend Championship. The home team were leading after the singles by 1 point, with 3 points left to play for in the doubles. 

After a long day of tennis, RCTB1899 won the Championship in great style, securing all 3 points in the doubles. The teams retired to the terrace to take part in the annual Club BBQ chatting to Club members and sharing stories of CTC events.