In May 2005 the Fitzwilliam LTC of Dublin organized for the first time the Fitzwilliam Cup, a Sub17s junior’s team competition. The host Club participated together with two teams, the Kungliga LTC and the RCT Barcelona-1899. Each eliminatory consisted of two men’s singles, a men’s doubles, two women’s singles and a women’s doubles. The level of competition was very high, with the Fitzwilliam LTC “A” finally defeating the Kungliga LTK in the finals. The RCT Barcelona-1899 took third place.

The organization, the treatment received by the visiting clubs and the atmosphere of the tournament were truly praiseworthy. During the official dinner, the President of the Fitzwilliam LTC, Mr. Declan Heavey, presented the trophy and expressed his thanks to the two visiting teams for their support and collaboration in this first championship. He also expressed his hopes to organize the second edition of the “Fitzwilliam Cup” in 2006.