"The purpose of the Association is to uphold the traditions of tennis, through the activity of the clubs which have contributed to promoting this sport throughout the whole world. In order to achieve such aims, the Association shall organize sports and cultural events, round-tables and seminars concerning tennis and all the aspects of the life of the clubs connected to the world of tennis or which are typical of tennis clubs; it will maintain in addition the spirit of fair play which is inherent to this sport" (article 1.2. of the Articles of the Association).

The protocol of the Constitution of the CTC was signed before the Notary Public of Lausanne, Switzerland, Mr. Jean-François Rodondi by:

  • Mr. Juan Mª Tintoré in representation of the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona-1899 (Barcelona, Spain).
  • Mr. Philippe Washer in representation of the Royal Leopold Club (Brussels, Belgium).
  • Mr. Xavier de La Courtie in representation of the Racing Club of France (Paris, France).
  • Mr. Brian Hatton in representation of the Cumberland Lawn Tennis Club (London, United Kingdom).
  • Mr. Enrico Cerutti in representation of the Tennis Club Milano Alberto Bonacossa (Milan, Italy).
  • Mr. Lars Myhrman in representation of the Kungliga Lawn Tennis Klubben (Stockhom, Sweden).
  • Mr. François Roch in representation of the Tennis Club Geneve (Geneva, Switzerland).
  • Mr. Wolfgang Hofer in representation of the LTTC Rot Weiss Berlin (Berlin, Germany).

From the original eight members, the CTC has grown to become a truly global organisation and in 2021 is comprised of seventy-eight affiliated clubs in twenty four countries and on four continents.

This website gives some more information on our activities and competitions, as well as details of our member clubs. We hope you find it interesting.

Mr. Robert Abdesselam (International Club of France) and Mr. Marco Gilardelli (International Club of Italy) acted as advisors and consultants, who together with Mr. Brian Hatton (International Club of England), had drawn up the first draft of the Statutes of the Association.

The CTC is governed by a General Assembly of Members, who meet a minimum of once a year in the Olympic Museum of Lausanne, Switzerland, headquarters of the Association, and by the Executive Committee, whose meetings are convened by the President of the Committee as he/she deems necessary.

The composition of the Executive Committee, in accordance with elections at the 2020 AGM, is as follows:

  • Mr. Jordi Cambra - CTC President - Real Club de Tenis Barcelona-1899
  • Mr. Petr Simunek - Vice-President - I.Cesky L.T.K.
  • Mr. Eric Rogers - Treasurer - TC Genève
  • Mr. Claude Bocaud - Garden Royan
  • Mr. Tom Hamilton - Fitzwilliam LTC
  • Mr. Donald Macloed - Cumberland LTC
  • Mr. Lars Myhrman - Kungliga Lawn Tennis Klubben
  • Mr. Pedro Navedo - RST La Magdalena
  • Mr. Philippe Nève - Royal Leopold Club
  • Mr. Guido Schulz - LTTC Rot Weiss Berlin
  • Mr. Mario Florencio Vigo Leguizamón - Santa Fe Lawn Tennis Club

The Secretary of the CTC and of its Executive Committee is Mrs. Berta Tintoré. The Secretary is located at the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona-1899, the club offers its facilities for this purpose.

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