Once the last edition of the IOC President Cup was held in 2004, a new competition was designed for 2005 with the idea of making it possible for all clubs belonging to the CTC to participate. The competition began by geographical areas in Europe, a competition in which 17 of the 22 European clubs of the CTC participated. Each founding club organized a tournament with one or two visiting clubs, a format which made it possible to play out the competition in two or three days.
In Barcelona, the RCT Barcelona-1899 played against the Villa Primrose of Bordeaux and the Rochusclub of Düsseldorf over a three-day period, with the Spanish club victorious.
The Royal Leopold Club of Brussels invited the HLTC Leimonias and the Le Touquet T.C., a club which not being a member of the CTC, participated in the competition organized in Belgian territory.
The LTTC Rot Weiss invited the Czech club I.Cesky L.T.K. to Berlin during the first part of August, with the final victory going to the club from Prague.
In May it was the Racing Club of France which hosted the event played in Paris with the Real Club de Polo of Barcelona and the Blau Weiss Berlin, with the final victory going to the hosting club.
The Wiener Park Club of Vienna, the Sokilniki Tennis Club of Moscow, and the host club, the T.C. Milano A.Bonacossa, played in Milano during the first part of September, with the final victory going to the Italian club.
Also during the first part of September the Kungliga LTK received the Finnish club Abo LTK in Stockholm, with final victory for the Swedes.
During the same dates, the Circolo de Tennis Firenze (Florence) travelled to Geneva to participate in the competition against the T.C. Genève on Swiss territory. The Italian team won by a narrow margin.
It is expected that the competition for the year 2006 will once again be played in Europe under a similar formula, and that it will be played in the same way in the USA with American, Canadian and Mexican teams, and also in South America.