Seventeen participants representing six Centenary Tennis Clubs competed over three days on the grass and clay courts of the Philadelphia Cricket Club. 2 flights of men’s singles determined the 2 finialist and provided excellent interaction among the various clubs.
A flexible schedule kept most players active and still allowed time for sightseeing around the historic old city of Philadelphia on the Saturday afternoon and evening. The highlight of the weekend was the awards dinner when medals commemorating the players participation were passed out personally by Mr. Juan Ma. Tintoré, President of the Centenary Tennis Club Association. Mr. Tintoré also gave an inspirational address to the dinner attendees. Everybody returned to their respective tennis club with a greater understanding of the purposes and goals of this wonderful organization.

The letters of regret PCC received from Clubs who wished they could attend indicated that should the event be repeated next year, greater participation and representation can be anticipated.

Names of participants, their clubs and the champions of the categories offered follow.



Sarah Rogers

2. Jeff Schmidt Newport
3. Warren Danne Berkley
4. Fredrika Adams Berkley
5. James Budd Berkley
6. Steve Cornell Berkley
7. Martin Clarke Leimonias, Netherlands
8 .Albert Holtslag Leimonias, Netherlands
9. Jon Trotter Longwood, Ma.
10. Bill McDowell PCC
11. John Madzin PCC
12. Francisco Badosa Real Club de Tenis Barcelona-1899
13. David Lacey PCC
14. Kathy Savage PCC
15 .Michael Savage PCC
16. Laurel Stack PCC
17. Ted Stack PCC


Team results Berkley12 PCC8
Leimonias8 Newport3
Longwood1 Barcelona1
Men’s Singles Steve Cornell, Berkley Champion
David Lacey, PCC Finalist
Men’s Doubles Albert Holtslag & Martin Clarke Champion
Steve Cornell Finalist
John Madzin Finalist
Mixed Doubles Laurel & Ted Stack Champions
(By a tie break) Warren Danne & Freddy Adams Finalists
Men’s 35 SinglesJon Trotter Longwood