Group 1 – Played 8-10 September 2006
Organizer: Villa Primrose Bordeaux
Rochusclub Düsseldorf
RCT Barcelona-1899 – winner

Group 3 -Played 16-17 September 2006
Organizer: HLTC Leimonias The Hague
Royal Leopold Club Bruxells
Le Touquet TC

Group 4 -Played 8-10 September 2006
Organizer: Cumberland LTC
CT La Salut
Fitzwilliam LTC

Group 5 -Played 22-24 September 2006
Organizer: CT Firenze
TC Genève – winner

Group 6 -Played 1-3 September 2006
Organizer: WienerPark Club
TC Milano Bonacossa – winner
Spartak Moscow

The CTC is most appreciative of the effort carried out by the organizing clubs, without whose cooperation it would not have been possible to hold the competition. We also wish to thank all of the players who have participated, having served to consolidate the friendship between the members of the clubs of the Association.