Organizer: TC Genève
Participants: TC Parioli 
Fitzwilliam LTC 
Wiener Park Club
TC Genève
Winner: TC Parioli 

The TC Genève hosted the final round of the CTC competition on September 12-14, 2008.

We were joined by the winners of last year’s competitions, i.e. TC Parioli Rome, Wiener Park Club and Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club from Dublin. Fitzwilliam LTC was substituting another winner of last year, Blau-Weiss Berlin, who did not participate in any competition this year.

Teams arrived on Friday and were entertained by a welcome-cocktail.
Matches stated on Saturday morning with TC Genève drawn against Wiener Park Club and TC Parioli Rome drawn against Fitzwilliam LTC. Both TC Genève and Parioli Rome won their matches 9/0.

On Saturday night the official dinner was organized in a Grand Hotel with a view to the lake. Unfortunately the landmark of Geneva, the jet d’eau did not operate this night due heavy wind. During the dinner, memories and gifts were exchanged.
On Sunday, Fitzwilliam LTC beat Wiener Park Club by 6/3. The final between TC Parioli Rome and TC Genève was won by TC Parioli Rome by the narrow score of 5/4.

At the conclusion of the matches, the results were announced in a short ceremony. On this occasion, trophies were handed to the Clubs and medals to the participants. Before leaving, the participants were offered farewell cocktail.