Organizer: Athens LTC
Participants: Villa Primrose Bordeaux
RCT Barcelona-1899
Haagsche LTC Leimoinias 
Athens LTC
Winner: Athens LTC

Our club hosted its first CTC Competition on October 2-4 in Athens.
We were joined by Barcelona, Bordeaux and the Hague. The teams came on Thursday afternoon and the matches started on Friday afternoon. Athens was paired against Barcelona and Bordeaux against Leimonias. The hosts prevailed after a tight match by 4-3 while Hague lost by 0-7 to Bordeaux. Hague proved to be weaker than the other three teams and went on to lose all its matches. However, what it lacked in tennis experience it made up with its enthusiasm, humor and pure enjoyment of the sport.

On the second day Athens played Bordeaux and again prevailed by the slight margin of 4-3. The outcome was decided by the mens’ doubles, played well into the night. The last encounters took place on Sunday morning with, Barcelona  prevailing over Bordeaux with again a tight margin of 4-3.
A welcome dinner was organized at the premises of the club on Saturday night for the benefit of the visiting teams. We were lucky in that the weather was very mild for an October night in Athens and we were able to sit outdoors. This permitted our guests to have a view of the Parthenon at the Acropolis of Athens and the Temple of Olympian Zeus closer to the Club. The President of the CTC Competition, Juan Maria Tintore, had arrived in the meantime, and we felt that his presence gave a new meaning of international camaraderie through the love of tennis to our gathering. 
The President of Villa Primrose, Bernard Dupouy was also there to accompany his team and even participated in a doubles match.

The results of the Competition were announced in a short ceremony on Sunday after the matches. The Athens Lawn Tennis Club won and took the cup, Real Club de Tennis Club Barcelona came second, Villa Primrose Bordeaux third and Haagsche Lawn Tennis Club Leimonias fourth. Mementos were exchanged and our friends flattered us with compliments about the Club and the Competition. Our players enjoyed playing and meeting their counterparts and look forward to renew these contacts at another Competition next year.

The President of Athens Lawn Tennis Club
Pavlos Apostolides