The week-end of Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 October 2012 saw the above championship being hosted at the Wanderers Tennis Club for the second time. Even more so than the 1st “pilot project” played on 18 and 19 August 2011, it was enjoyed by all who are already looking forward to next year’s championship.

The CTC flag, donated to us by CTC through its sponsor EFG International, was flying high side by side with the Wanderers flag at the entrance to the tennis courts. All starting 24 players were present at the opening breakfast enjoying the menu on offer which included orange juice, yogurt and fruit, bacon & eggs, toast and jam, tea and coffee. Many players knew each other from the previous year and also from other tennis events making the atmosphere immediately friendly and competitive.

After Friday night’s rain and some tennis court sweeping by the Wanderers players early on Saturday morning, we were blessed with wonderful weather on both days which allowed for non-stop play throughout.

The participating teams were Bedfordview Country Club (2011 winners), Old Edwardians (Old Eds) who also took part last year, Marks Park, first time participants and Wanderers, the hosts and second time participants. The strengths and weaknesses were pretty evenly matched with the result that there was exciting competition and not too many 11-0 games.

The winner for a second year was Bedfordview Country Club who finished with 2 more games than Old Eds. Bedfordview now have both the engraved winners shields on the base of the beautiful floating trophy of these championships, which trophy was also donated by CTC with the compliments of their sponsor EFG in 2011.

This year’s contribution by CTC and their sponsors EFG were 30 beautiful medals, one for each participant, which were very much appreciated and treasured by every player receiving them.

The winner’s trophy and all the player’s medals were presented by Mr John Galatis, the Wanderers Tennis Chairman, at the prize-giving pizza dinner held from 6pm till late on Sunday evening.

On behalf of the Wanderers Club and all the participants in South Africa, I thank the CTC Association and their sponsors, EFG International for their contributions and back up in motivating and getting this event going in our part of the world.


Wanderers Tennis Club – Chairman

Photos (from top): Bedfordview, Marks Park, Old Eds, Wanderers.