Six Centenary Tennis Clubs competed again in year’s tournament, which was held from the 29th to the 31st of August.

The hosts, Carrickmines (IRL) were narrowly defeated by I.Cesky, from the Czech Republic in the tightest ever final. Both teams finished 4-4 all in matches and were level on the set count back.

In the end, only two games out of four matches gave the Czechs their 7th successive victory in Dublin.

The 2013 final placing was as follows:

1. I.Cesky (Prague)
2. Carrickmines (Dublin)
3. Cumberland (London)
4. Santander (Santander)
5. Polo Club (Barcelona)
6. Real Club (Barcelona)

Pictured below, the winning I.Cesky team with team Coach Jan Kurz (former travelling coach with Jana Novotna and Helena Sukova), and Caoimhe Duffy-Niblock from Carrickmines in action.