On October 4-5th 2014, LE TIR (Paris, France) hosted a CTC seniors tournament gathering a Swedish team from KLTK Stockholm, a Dutch team from HLTC Leimonias (LaHaye), and a French team from Villa Primrose (Bordeaux).

9 matches were played by each team on Saturday and on Sunday, with over 35 & over 45 categories men’s and ladies’ categories in action, plus one mixed doubles match.

On Saturday, Villa Primrose Bordeaux won over KLTK Stockholm (8/1) and Le Tir beat HLTC Leimonias, 5/4. On Sunday, Villa Primrose, whose team was comprised of former top French players or current top players in their age categories, was superior to Le Tir and won the CTC Cup by a score of 7/2.

The third-place match between HLTC Leimonias and KLTK Stockholm was extremely tight and ended up being decided by the mixed doubles match after the eight previous matched left the two teams level at 4/4. Neither team wanted to go back home with two defeats but the two teams were eventually separated when HLTC Leimonias claimed the 3rd-set super tiebreak at 10/8! The Dutch team was all the more proud because it was their first victory a CTC competition.

The event was played in a great atmosphere between all four teams during the whole week-end with a competitive spirit blended with friendship, laughs and fairplay. After such 2 days, the teams were left hoping that the next CTC week-end will take place very soon.