During the first weekend of October a CTC Senior competition was organized by the LTTC Rot-Weiß Berlin. Bright sunshine and nearly summer temperatures – unusual for this time in Germany – enchanted the guests. The Rot-Weiß welcomed teams from the 1. Salzburger TC, Le Tir Paris and TC Genova. Not only by providing the great weather did the Rot-Weiß prove its qualities as a good host; the eagerness to make the event as successful as possible for the guests was manifest in the result of the tournament. Le Tir won a formidable final against TC Genova and the 1. Salzburger TC won against Rot-Weiß, who proudly took the last place. The spectators were treated to some fascinating and excellent matches.

The guests were delighted by the beauty of the club. The LTTC Rot-Weiß lies directly on a picturesque lake, where no boats are allowed and which is only accessible by the owners of surrounding properties. The space is very green, natural and quiet, and about 15 minutes by car away from the center of Berlin.

Another special event contributed to the excitement for the players – the Oktoberfest on October 3rd. There was a real Bavarian Oktoberfest-tent, decorated with Bavarian beer garden benches. And most of the members were dressed in traditional fashion. The guests were deeply impressed and Patrice, the teamleader of Le Tir Paris, expressed his appreciation in his final speech at Sunday, at being able to experience ‘a real Oktoberfest in Germany’.

One central goal of CTC is to promote the friendship of all member-clubs. In this sense the competition was a great success. All participants expressed their hope that many more tournaments like this will follow.